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Love After Baby Workshops

Take your relationship off the back burner.

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Healthy relationships can be hard. Kids can make them harder.

Love After Baby workshops give you evidence-based tools that are simple to understand and easy to use in your everyday life.

Resentment to Reconnection

2 hours total
workbooks and handouts

When we don't get what we need from our relationships, resentment grows. But when we learn to effectively communicate our needs, relationships can thrive. Learn how to manage and decrease conflict—and cultivate a sense of friendship—with these proven tips and tricks.

  • Identify and correct underlying causes of resentment.
  • Learn to use healthy conflict as an opportunity to grow.
  • Redevelop an affectionate and appreciative relationship.
I liked that you gave us a lot of actionable tips, scripts, and examples… such reasonable solutions that I’m excited to implement. - Beth L

Touched Out to Turned On

1 hour total

Missing the intimacy of your relationship before your baby arrived? Wishing you could get back to wanting intimacy with your partner and feeling as desirable as you did before? This workshop will help rekindle your physical affection for one another.

  • Learn a surprising truth about foreplay.
  • Get hacks for reigniting intimacy.
  • Discover common pitfalls that work against physical intimacy.
My husband learned I'm not the only one feeling this way- he didn't know this was so common! We were able to have an open and honest conversation. It was so helpful! - Alicia S

Make the Magic Hours Work For You

1 hour total

Psychologist John Gottman suggests couples can transform their relationship in just "6 magic hours" each week. But six hours feels like a lot to ask from busy parents. In this workshop, you'll learn how to slowly build those magic hours into your daily routine, so they become an effortless habit.

  • Learn what the "6 magic hours" are and why they matter.
  • Understand how to introduce the idea to your partner.
  • Know how to keep up the habit, even when you're apart.
I had no idea that there were all these things I didn’t know about my husband after already having 3 kids and 10 years together. - Melissa P

Differences in Discipline

1 hour total

Many parents disagree about how to best discipline their kids. You may be on board with the positive discipline movement, while your partner may be more comfortable with how they were raised. As a result of this workshop, you'll finally see eye-to-eye and make real change in the ways you both parent.

  • Understand why you may have differing opinions about discipline.
  • Get clear on your parenting values, preferences, and boundaries.
  • Discover new ways to communicate about discipline.
I've never felt more heard or understood in the 5 years since we had our first child. - Hannah C

Stuff for the Dads

90 minutes

When you initiate change in your relationship, big things can happen. But to have the fulfilling, thriving partnership you both deserve, it's helpful to have your guy on board, too! Presented in PDF-and-podcast style (to accommodate dads who prefer to skim and/or listen), this workshop will help your partner see your perspective.

  • Understand your feelings and frustrations.
  • See that you're not a "nagging wife complaining again."
  • Step up to the plate more often, easing your mother load.
The [workshop] was great! Lots of practical tips which everyone can benefit from. - Gina L

Your Love After Baby membership includes:

On-Demand Workshops

Evidence-based tips in bite-sized pieces so you can start rebuilding your relationship today.

Practical Printables

Handouts and worksheets to help you practice what you learn so you create lasting change.

Non-Judgmental Community

A caring group of moms just like you who validate and encourage one another.

Weekly Office Hours

Group Zoom calls with me so you have support for your most pressing concerns.

More accessible than marriage counseling.

Get a counselor’s expertise on your own time and at a fraction of the cost of in-person therapy.

Individual Workshops

Purchase only the specific resources you need, exactly when you need them.

Does not include member benefits or private relationship coaching add-on.
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Get access to all current and future workshops, plus community support and group video calls with Sheina.

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You deserve a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Love After Baby can help you get there.